Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Christmas Star tutorial

Good morning all,

Today I want to show you how to create a nice Christmas star with lights in it.

But first of all I would like to show the detail photo of my star (made for the blog hop)

What do you need for this
-3 sheets of A4 cardstock for the star
-design paper of your choice for the rosette and the decoration.
-a lead of 10  Christmas lights
-Tacky tape 0.6 cm wide (this is extra strong tape)
-scorpal, ruler and folding tool
-eyelet setter or other device to make holes

Print first of all the following pattern 3 x on your A4 cardstock. 
You need a total of 5 points.
Cut them out along the oudside lines

Now take a ruler and a pencil.
On each star point you see four solid lines, put 6 dots on each line with your pencil, where later come the holes in the paper. I started 2 cm from the tip of the star and every next hole 1.5 cm further.
Create (by using a eyeletsetter or other means) the holes in the points.
Then you grab a ruler and a folding tool and fold all dotted lines according to the example below.
To close each star point stick a piece of tape on the long sides.
On the left photo below you can see the result if you fold the star point close. 
If some of the holes are "covered", make a few notches in the edge (see right picture).
Do NOT close the star point yet!

Now grab the Christmas lights there and test them first, before you proceed.
Roll the cord out and put the lights on the left side of the point and the cord on the right side.
Cut off a small tip of the point so that the two cords can go through it before you close the star points.

Now you have one point with all the lights on the left hand and on the other side the cord and plug.
Now we proceed with the other 4 points and let this one rest for a while on the side.

We are going to stick the other 4 points together.
Put all the points with the tabs to the right, see picture below.

Take two of the 4 points and stick them (according to the example).

Repeat this for point 3 ...

and 4 ...

If the 4 points are put together you pick up the point with the lights again.
Place the cord with the lights gently into the hole of the 4 points.
and stick finally the fifth point.
This is the most difficult part of it all.
If necessary, use a glue gun.
Now your star is finished and you only have to decorate it...



  1. Hartelijk bedankt voor dit tutorial! Jow steer is heel mooi!!
    Groeten TanjaK.

  2. Wow, great idea. Love it. I must try it. Thank´s.
    xoxo Andrea

  3. Absolut gorgeous tutorial here Jeanett, I love it and is definitely going to try it here soon. I love how you decorated it and a really great tut, sooo easy to follow. Well done hun, it´s awesome and it looks fabulous too.

  4. es un trabajo wonderful ! bello gracias por compartirlo un abrazo .

  5. OMG! I thought this was the cute star from my favorite furniture store, but this amazing star is homemade, I can´t believe it. Thank you so much for this great tut, you will see our products on our blog :)
    XOXO Clarissa

  6. Wowwww Absolut gorgeous tutorial here Jeanett

  7. Oh my word... You totally rock girl. This is AWESOME!!!!

  8. Thats a very fantastic christmas decoration, looks sooo wonderfull!


  9. Very very lovely and pretty. Thanks for sharing,
    Dorte x


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