Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gift Card

Hi everyone, I have a quick and easy gift card to share with you today.

With my kids being back at school, there is always a birthday party to go to and sometimes I struggle choosing a gift so if I am stuck I like to have a couple of these cards already made and ready to go, simply pop in some money for the birthday child and problem solved!

These cards are great, they are easy to make, you can make three from one sheet of cardstock and you can fit money in or a gift card.

So lets get started.

Cut cardstock 100mm x 290mm. Score at 40mm, 140mm and at 230mm. Fold card as seen below.

Outside of card - cut patterned paper 95mm x 35mm, one at 95mm x 95mm, one at 95mm x 85mm and one at 95mm x 55mm. Ink edges, machine stitch edges and adhere to cardstock.

Inside card - cut patterned paper 95mm x 85mm, ink edges and adhere to card. Adhere double sided tape to the side edges of the block measuring 95mm x 60mm, as close to the edge as possible and fold in.

Cut patterned paper 95mm x 95mm, ink edges and adhere to card. Use a Spellbinders die to cut a piece of white cardstock, adhere to card. This is where you can add a personalised message.

Finish the inside of the card off, cut patterned paper 95mm x 35mm, ink edges and adhere to card, the top flap.

Pop some money in and this is what it will look like.

Fold your card up and use some double sided tape to adhere sentiment, this can easily be opened up again.

Adhere your image, this is 'Motocross - Simply Maya' and adhere embellishments to the front of the card.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed it and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Great idea and the giftcard looks really great, and I agree, it´s always good to have some in stock, just in case, you suddenly need one.

  2. Great giftcard holder and I to have several on hand for kids classmates. ;0)

  3. such a pretty project. thank you for sharing. hugs! Mojca


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