Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tiny box

Good Morning Everyone!  Sonja here today to show you a tutorial  how to make this sweet little gift box.

I saw this little box at the wonderful blog from  Kitty Franken .

I hope the pictures are help full and explaining enough ,my English is terrible *lol*

 Here you can see the sizes and the folds ( this is the box )
 Here you see the cut lines (  this is the lid )
 here I have cut the two
 here I scored them

 the lid I already had a design paper
 And here you can see what I made of this little easy to make box ;)

 Can you see the tiny cute Henry on my tiny heart tag...he`s new and I use him this way but it`s a banner and you can find it Here
I do hope you like it and maybe give it a try.
If you are going on vacation Have Fun and Relax ;0)
I`m going next week ore we are going to make day trips,

Thanks for visiting our World of Ideas blog.
Take care, hugs Sonja


  1. Beautiful boy, I really love the embellishment. Thanks for sharing. Hugs! Mojca

  2. Love it Sonja! Great idea and so beautifully crafted.
    Katharina xx

  3. He this is fun to see...
    Kitty franken

  4. Wow this tini box is stunning, thank you for the beautiful tutorial.

  5. Thank you Mojca and Katharina glad you like it, very simple ;)

    Hi Kitty thank you for finding it nice
    It's your pattern, thanks for that !!

    Your welcome Francy, hope you give it a try ;)
    Hugs Sonja

  6. I love little boxes....and this one is so adorable...thank you so much for the tutorial...will have to make one of these....thank you...

  7. It's beautiful Sonja
    Thank you for the tuto
    you can see my box here
    Kiss Lyloo


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