Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post It Easel Card

Hi everyone, Karina here today to show you something I recently tried out and just love to make. I made a Post It Easel card which gives a wonderful little gift for someone you love. The one I show you here is my gift to my mum on yesterdays Mothers Day. And she loved it very much. I used mostly rests of papers for my project which is just great as well. Who of us doesn't have them... I don't know anyone... :o)

So, here we go... The project I made is for a post it pad sized 7,6 cm x 12,7 cm. First we make the holder for the post it pad. Prepare a piece of cardstock in the size of 10,4 cm x 15,6 cm. Then score each of the sides at 1,2 cm. Then it looks like below.

Next step is to cut a little piece on both larger sides like you can see on next photo.

Prepare stripes of designer papers. You need 1 cm x 12,9 cm 4 times, and 1 cm x 7,7 cm 4 times as well. Distress cardstock and papers when you like. I wanted to give my project a vintage touch, so I distressed all edges of cardstock and papers.

Then prepare a piece of designer paper sized 7,6 cm x 12,7 cm for the ground of the post it pad holder. Distress it as well. Then fold your little box as shown below. If you like cut out a half circle in the middle of one larger side. I recommend to do so before you glued it together as it is much easier... I did it after which was a bit more difficult to get a nice cut... I did it with a circle punch, a circle die is fine to do so as well.

Now prepare the cardstock for the card. I used 30 cm x 15 cm. Score it at 14,4 cm, 15,9 cm and 22,5 cm and fold it like shown below. I also distressed each edge and fold as well.

Now decorate the card with designer papers... below is the inside of the card...

And here is the outside of the card...

Then prepare your front side of the card. I made it sized 15 cm x 13 cm. Fold and glue your card and post it holder box together as you can see here. Add some flowers or other decorations around the box if you wish... and you're finished!! 

For my project I used 'Henry with Love Balloon'. I love this image. The colouring is made with Distress Inks.

I just noticed that I forgot to make a photo when the card is closed. But you will see how it looks like when you made ony by yourself... :o) Hope you feel inspired now to create a Post It Easel Card by yourself. If you have any questions about it always feel free to ask.

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Hugs, Karina


  1. Great idea, beautifully finished project. Thanks for tute .Hugs lin

  2. What a fantastic idea, I just LOVE it!!

  3. What a wonderfull design. Thanks for the tut. I love the stamp :)

    greetings, Wil

  4. Geniale Idee und tolles Design. Ich hab schon abgekupfert :)


  5. This is such a cute idea! Love it....I can't wait to try this out. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us!

  6. Tis is such a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial. Can't wait ti try it out. Hugs! Mojca

  7. What a brilliant design and tutorial I will certainly make one of these for my Mum she is always scrambling for a piece of paper when the phone goes and this would be so decorative that she wouldnt take the post its and loose them! Thank you love your tutorials!!
    Love Ann x x x


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