Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perfect Bows by Jane Johnson

Hello! Jane here with a quick tutorial on tying bows! I have had a number of people ask recently how I tie my bows so neatly so thought I would create a little tutorial to show you! This isn't my idea originally, I learnt it from a book about making dolls clothes years ago!

Firstly, it is important to remember to keep your middle two fingers the same distance appart throughout the whole process as this determines the size of the bow. You can make different size bows by having your fingers closer together or further appart! Holding one end of the ribbon between your thumb and finger wrap the ribbon under your second finger as shown in the picture above.


Bring the ribbon over your third finger and hold it with your thumb too as shown.


Fold the ribbon back on itself and pass the end underneath the ribbon loop you have created.


Bring the free end of the ribbon back up to the top and pass it through the little loop you created in the previous step.


Pull the free end downards as shown in the picture above until it is pulled tightly.


You should then have a tightly knotted bow as shown (the size of the knot will vary depending on the ribbon width and type of ribbon).


Slide your two fingers out of the ribbon loops and you will have a neat bow ready to trim the ends!

Here is my finished card using the gorgeous Snow White and my bow! I hope you find my tutorial useful! Thanks for looking!

Jane x


  1. thanks for sharing Jane...I tried and got a perfect bow!
    xxx Margreet

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing, think I need some practice... :-)

  3. Great Margreet! So glad you found it useful!

    Pauline, it does get easier the more you do! x

  4. hiya sweetie
    thanks for sharing this hunni
    it's just perfect
    and the card is amazingly cute
    have a great weekend sweetie
    hugs angelique

  5. I make dis bow the same way as you do but I ask my husband to hold two vingers up haha, thats easier.

    Greetings, Sas
    from Holland

  6. Merci pour ce petit truc si pratique.

  7. Hi Jane,
    I think a lot of us could use a practice :))
    Wil you fly over LoL

    Find your card so pretty!
    sonja xx

  8. hello ... You guys rock as always ... parabens

    Maria Fernanda ( Cuiaba-MT/Brasil)

  9. hello ... You guys rock as always ... parabens

    Maria Fernanda (cuiaba-MT/ Brasil)

  10. hello ... You guys rock as always ... parabens

    Maria fernanda (Cuiaba-Mt/Brasil)

  11. Thank you so much. I have been struggling to make ribbons for years and could never understand a lot of the instruction out there. Yours is so easy to understand. Awesome.

  12. Cute idea. I am horrible at making bows! lol. Thanks for sharing!


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