Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tag Card by Jane Johnson

Hi, Jane here and today I'd like to share with you how I have created this tag shaped card.

You will need:

Cardstock 30cm x 8cm
Paper 29.5cm x 7.5cm
Black marker
Twine or ribbon
Hole punch
Craft knife
Whiff of Joy's tag die


Score and fold the cardstock in half to form your card base.

Using a craft knife cut away each corner at the folded end of the cardstock to create the tag shape. Cut the corners away from the designer paper too - remembering to allow a little extra so that the cardstock is visible also.

3. Punch a hole in the paper near the top of the tag shape (NB I punched several holes around each other to form a large hole the size of the hole reinforcer).


Using Whiff of Joy's hearts tag die cut the hole reinforcer ......

......and glue around the hole you have punched.


Before glueing the paper to the card base thread your chosen twine or ribbon through the hole.


On the cardstock base, colour an area black so that when the paper is glued in place it looks like there is a hole through the cardstock and the paper.


Glue the paper to the cardstock base.


Add your chosen image and embellishments!

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and thanks for looking!

Jane x


  1. hiya sweetie
    thanks for sharing hunni
    your tag is gorgeous sweetie
    hugs angelique

  2. Hi Jane

    Your tag is so woderful it's a beauty :0)
    Sonja xx

  3. Ola Jane, parabens pelo blog. Eu estou encantada com tanta coisa bonita. Eu quero te agradecer por disponibilizar esses tutoriais maravilhosos.
    Eu ja estou aqui faz um tempo, passeando pelo seu blog e a cada postagem fico mais encantada
    Mariza (BRASIL)


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