Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration by colors

Hi there, today it is me Jorunn,
making the posting in the Whiff of Joy tutorial and inspiration blog. 

And I have to admit I sometimes hit the wall, when it comes to inspiration....
no matter what card I make, lay out and style, I feel like I am making 
the same card over and over again...
Does anyone else feel the same way?? 

So what to do to get the mojo running again??
I go through so many great blogs...and I see these wonderful creations,
and of course I get inspired by them...

...but I also use to find inspiration...
and I find the most wonderful pictures when googling colors, 
and that is what I have done today....

I want to show you what I have found and 
how I used it for inspiration on my card.... 

So today I googled the pharse:
"fresh colors"
and I got sooo many wonderful pictures to inspire me,
and this is the picture I picked...

the picture is from

So I use the colors in this picture to inspire my card;
Light colors, with some fresh blue and green... 

Here is how my card turned out:
For my card I have used a soon to be released new image
from Whiff of Joy.
Some new super cute gnomes will be available in the shop
on March 1st!

If you get inspired by this picture and colors, please leave a link, 
I would love to see how you used this picture as inspiration.

Happy googling... ! 


  1. Wonderful creation Jorunn !!
    Its so elegant colord:)


  2. Very soft colors, I like it very much

  3. What a clever idea - I must try to remember this the next time my craft mojo goes on holiday :) Thanks. Jaqui x

  4. Beautiful colours, spring is here :) lol. Gorgeous card Jorunn, a real beauty!

    Hugs Yolanda

  5. Beautiful! Love the pretty soft colors. Great idea to get inspiration.
    Huggies ~


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