Monday, February 28, 2011

Colouring with distress ink- by Janne

Here is my first turtorial for WoJ.

First some facts:

Paper; 300g Canson aquarelle

Bruches ; Springer 0, Panduro size 0 and Italeri size 000

Ink pad; Archival Ink, Jet Black
When I colour I move the paintbrush in small circles. I wipe of some of the water, it must not be to wet.

I always starts colouring the face.

At first I use Vintage photo. I start colouring where it is naturally shaddows, and always along the edge of the face.
Yes, the image is up side down. It`s because I always turn the paper when I do my colouring.

Now I have coloured the face, hands and ears. The I will do it all over again but with the colour ; Tattered rose.

In the cheek I use a mix of Aged Mahogany and Tattered rose

Then I change my paintbrush to Italeri size 000

And then I start with Nora`s hair. I use antique linen. I use it on all of her hair.

Look at the arrow;
I start with Walnut stain in the shaddow area. (This picture is a bit yellow. I blame it on my camera, it`s not that good.)

I continue with walnut stain under her hat, under her ears and cheeks.

I desided that her clothes would be purple; Dusty concord

The hat is finished.

Her eyes are coloured with Stormy sky

Her clothes; I starts under her arms
I used the same colour on her boots

When the image is finished I start colouring some shaddow. I use Black soot.

I start on her hat and use the colour where the shaddow normally is.

Then I colour under her hat,under her cheeks,on her shoulders, under her armes, and some colour on her boots. (Sorry about the yellow picture )

Then I change my brush again and starts making shaddow around her. I use a softer and bigger brush. The colour is Weathered wood.

Under her boots I used Pumice Stone and then the image is finished♥

Here in Norway we have winter holiday so mabye I will have time for some skiing.

Have a nice week.♥


  1. Hi Janne
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I will add to a post on my blog with the same theme -Colouring with Distress Ink.

  2. Beautiful colouring. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Jaqui x

  3. this is very pretty ! love it ! thanks for the tips !
    greetings, martina

  4. A wonderful tutorial Janne!!♥ Great tips and easy to follow!
    Hugs, Camilla

  5. Wow... your coloring is SO stunning Janne. Love it!


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  7. Wouw this is really great. I will try this some time.
    Thank you and have a great holiday!

    Katja (The Netherlands)

  8. beautiful colouring. I find that i have real trouble blending out the lines. any tips????
    x laura x

  9. Hi Laura
    Thanks for your comment.
    Blending out the lines can be really difficult. You have to work fast, so the ink dosen`t dry. Wipe your brush and add more water. Then you move your brush in circles at the line.
    Maybe this can help you.♥
    Practice make perfect...♥♥

  10. Muchas gracias , hermoso el tutorial me gusto mucho el color. saludos Maria Luisa

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique! Your coloring is fabulous!

  12. Very helpful. I enjoy distressing with Tim Holtz inks. This gives me new ideas. You're a gem!

  13. Thank you very much for sharing this interesting tut.
    She is very pretty ;)


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