Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Box Tutorial by Michele Roos

Hi there everyone and hope that you have all had a wonderful start to 2011. Today I'd like to show you how to make this book box

Before you begin here's a list of supplies that you need :-

Scoring device (I've used my Fiskars one)
One 27cm x 15cm cardstock (for the actual box)
Two 24cm x 12cm cardstock (for the book part)
Two 24cm x 10cm cardstock (for the book part)
Four 11.5cm x 14.5cm plain paper (to decorate)
Four 11cm x 14cm designer paper (to decorate)
Fast drying glue
Double-sided tape
Ribbon (to tie the box and also to decorate)

Step 1
Score on the longest part of both 24cm x 12cm cardstock at 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, etc (then do the same with the 24cm x 10cm pieces of cardstock)

Step 2
Now turn the cardstock onto the other side and now score at 1cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7cm etc (do this to the remaining cardstock that you previously scored)

Step 3
Now start folding all the score lines following until the cardstock resembles the picture below

Step 4 (optional)
For this part I've inked all the edges on the cardstock using Brushed Corduroy including the back

Step 5
Take one of the 24cm x 12cm cardstock and drop some glue into the folds.

Step 6
 Now take one of the 24cm x 10cm corrugated cardstock and join it to the other part which was glued previously (see below picture for a guide) Now do the same to the last two remaining pieces of corrugated cardstock. Put to one side to let the glue dry completely.

Step 7
While you are waiting for the corrugated cardstock to dry score the 27cm x 15cm cardstock at 12cm then rotate it to 180 degrees and score again at 12cm (it should resemble the picture below)

Step 8 (optional)
Ink around all the edges, I've used Brushed Corduroy including the back.
 Step 9 (optional)
Now ink around all the edges of the plain and designer paper.

Step 10
Attach all four 11.5cm x 14.5cm plain paper to each sides of the cardstock leaving it blank in the middle section

Step 11
On the top right hand section attach a long piece of ribbon using the double-sided tape

Step 12
On the inside right hand side attach another piece of long ribbon using double-sided tape. On the four pieces of design paper apply double-sided tape around the edges and then adhere to the plain pieces of paper.

Step 13
On one side of the corrugated that you put to one side earlier, drop some glue into the middle of each section

Step 14
Then attach the other corrugated cardstock making sure that the sections are in the right places (see below photo for reference)

Step 15
Now apply glue to the other side so that all sections are now attached

Step 16
At the bottom of the book frame, apply quick drying glue all around and then place it on the inside right hand side of the cover. Then when it has dried apply glue all around the top of the frame and place ribbon all around the edges.

Now the rest is up to you on how you would like your book box to look. Below I've added some photos on the finished result to give you some ideas.

This is how I decorated the inside cover using scrap pieces of cardstock and designer paper.

This is the tag that I made using the Magical Tag die from Whiff of Joy.

This is how the side of the box looks and I've used the sentiment from the Blooming Spring Stamp kit from Whiff of Joy.

The image that I've used is the gorgeous Melinda with Bouquet and I've coloured her using my ProMarker and AquaMarker pens.

I hope that you've enjoyed this tutorial and thanks for stopping by.

Hugs Michele xxx


  1. WOW this is beautiful! What a great Tute! I absolutly adore this Melinda too.
    Kristy xo

  2. this is sooo beautiful.. thank you so much.. ♥
    Hugs, Katrin

  3. Stunning tutorial Michele!!
    Thanks for making this Tuto.


  4. this is such a lovely book sweetie
    thank you so much for the tutorial
    the result is just stunning
    hugs angelique

  5. Trop belle cette carte! Bravo et bonne année! Bises. Nadine

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial!
    This is beautiful!

  7. Truly stunning.....awesome tutorial....thank you so much....

  8. Really wonderful project of yours. It looks stunning.

  9. What a GORGEOUS creation!!!!!!

  10. this is so beautiful!!
    thank you so much for the tutorial.

  11. Michelle, I have been waiting for this tutorial. Thank you so very much. Your book box looks fantastic.

  12. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Michelle
    This is just what i have been looking for
    hugs Sarah x

  13. Really great tutorial Michele!Great to follow and fab design! Thanks for making time to share this.

    Hugs, Yolanda

  14. Thanks you so much for sharing this tute with us!! I saw these on blogs everywhere throughout december and really wanted to know how to make one!! And now I do so Thanks again!! I love your book, its gorgeous!

  15. WOW I love it!! Thanks for sharing:-)

  16. Stunningly beautiful! Wonderful colours and Melinda is simply too cute!
    Very good tutorial!

  17. this is stunning, thanks for the tutorial x

  18. Beautiful work, and wonderful instructions!

  19. Great tutorial for a beautiful & very lovely project. I am creating a link list in my side bar of tutorials & I love this one so much that I have included it. Thanks so much for sharing & I will be having a go at this project really soon.

  20. Beautiful tutorial Michele. Thank you for sharing :o)

  21. Thanks for sharing. This is such a beautiful book and an easy to follow tutorial.

    Happy Easter!
    Elly P
    x x

  22. Great tutorial.
    I've made my book yesterday.
    Thank you,

  23. Hello, I wanted to thank you for sharing this wonderful creation ; I used your technique to make a box which comes to stay a mini album. Thank you very much.

  24. WOW! I can't wait to attempt this; your tutorial is great and the directions are so easy to follow! Again; Thank you yours is gorgeous!

  25. Magnifique et merci pour le tuto.


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