Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another flower tutorial

Today is my last day as a guest designer for Whiff Of Joy - and what better way to say bye than with a blog post here? So, I am going to show you another easy way to make your own flowers and since those remind me of daffodils they are perfect for easter time.

You need to cut or punch a 5-petal flower. Any shape or size will work:

As the next step ink up the edges of your flower. It´s enough to ink up 4 of the 5 petals:

Cut a slit between the uninked and one of the inked petals:

Put some glue on top of the uninked petal and glue the one next to it on the top. This will create the shape of your flower and add the dimension:

Take a strip of paper or cardstock, about 2,5 cm high and cut little slits in it, very close to each other. You´ll only need about 1,5 cm in length but it´s easier to work with a longer strip. If you want to you can ink up the top egde of your strip in a different or darker color:

Now roll about 1,5 cm (depends a bit on the size of your flower - the larger the flower, the more you´ll need) of your strip very close and fix the end with some glue. Then bend the little pieces of papers outwards:

Make a hole in the middle of your flower, put some glue around it and put your stem in it. Put aside until the glue has dried:

All you need to do now is to bend the flower petals a bit, cut off the excess of your stem on the back and decorate your card with this flower. And this is what it can look:

I also made some smaller flowers using a flower which petals are round on the top to decorate the flowers in her hands.
The stamp is from the very first Store Stamp Kit from Whiff Of Joy.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.


  1. Thanks for the lesson.Wonderful flower turned

  2. Hi,

    What a Gorgeous tutorial
    and what a beautiful card you have made
    using this flower:)

    Happy Easter
    x Sonja

  3. This is such an awesome tutorial... and a gorgeous card! Can't wait to try this flower...

  4. Thank you for sharing!
    Fredrikke :o)

  5. Thanks it's a very good tutorial.

  6. Ooo that's a gorgeous flower, thanks for the tutorial I will definitely be trying these! hugs, Jane xxx

  7. I tried it with more petals though.. not as nice but I'm happy with the result.

  8. it is beautiful and so simple.
    I must try it myself.
    thank you very much.

    Dana :-)

  9. Beautiful flower and excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

    Keryn x

  10. hirach was just looking to see if you had done a tutorial on how to put the pins together love from bluebell x.


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