Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini Desk Tidy

Materials Needed

A4 card Cut into
4.1/2" x 5.1/2"
4.1/2" x 2.1/2"
3.1/2" x 10"

20 x A4 Copier Paper cut into
2.3/8" x 3.3/8" pieces

Designer Backing Paper cut into
2 x 3.1/4" x 3.1/4"
3 x 1" x 6"

Score 3.1/"2 x 10" card at 1", 2",3" and 6.1/2"
Score 1" from edge on each side of the 4.1/2" x 5.1/2" card
on 4.1/2" x 2.1/2" card score in from both short edges 1/2" and from each of the long edges score in 1".

Cut along all solid lines.

You should now have three pieces as above

using wet glue make up the Scrap Box and Business card holder as above. Glue 2 of the strips of Backing paper around the edges of the Scrap Box taking the Bp inside the front edge of the box, Glue the last strip around the edge of the Business card Holder.

Using Wet Glue attach the stand to the back of both boxes as above

Now glue the Large flap of the stand to the inside of the box (as above)

Glue the 3.1/4" x 3.1/4" backing paper squares to the front and back of the stand.

Fill your scrap box with the 2.3/8" x 3.3/8" pieces
of copier paper and decorate as desired. I have used the cute little Cat with Bow Stamp by Elizabeth Bell.

I hope this has been clear and if you make one of these little Desk Tidies please leave a link to your creation on my blog as I would love to see it.
Jacqui x


  1. I love it.... you doing very beautiful works.

  2. Thought this was a lovely tutorial,very simple to follow,thanks for sharing.x

  3. Hi,

    Just love all of youre projects!!!
    thanks again for sharing
    xx Sonja

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love this. I can finally make some new uses of my A4 card.


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