Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gift Tube tutorial by Jane Johnson

Hello, Jane here again, I hope you enjoyed the candle tutorial from yesterday. Today I am going to show you how to make this gift tube to present your candle in.

You will need:

a piece of acetate 30cm x 17 cm (for a 12cm candle)
1 circle of cardstock 9.5cm diameter
1 circle of cardstock 9.8cm diameter
2 strips of cardstock 30cm x 4cm (mine are punched along one long edge)
1 circle of patterned paper 9.5cm diameter
1 circle of patterned paper 9.8cm diameter
2 strips of patterned paper 30cm x 3.5cm (mine punched along one edge)
1 strip of patterned paper 17cm x 4cm
Double sided tape
Flowers, leaves, ribbon for decoration

Take your piece of acetate and apply double sided tape along one short edge.

Curl the acetate around and stick together to form a tube. (Tip: offer the tube up to the 9.5cm circle of card to make sure the tube is the correct size.)

Take the 17cm x 4cm strip of paper (I have punched mine with a MS doiley lace punch) and using double sided tape, stick it on the outside of the tube, to cover the join.

Take BOTH strips of 30cmx4cm cardstock and score a line 1cm in from the long edge. You can make this strip wider than 4cm if you want a deeper decorative strip around the tube.

Make cuts along the edge up to the scored line approximately 0.5cm apart as shown above on both strips.

Bend the tabs over as shown above on both strips and then apply double sided tape above the score line on one of the strips.

Take the strip with the double sided tape on and stick around one end of the tube so that the tabs fold under as shown.

Apply glue around the circumference of the 9.5cm cardstock circle and carefully place it inside the tube all the way to the bottom and stick to the tabs to form the base of the tube.

The end of the tube should then look like the above picture.

Cover the tabs with the 9.5cm patterned paper circle.

Take one of the patterned paper strips and glue over the top of the wider cardstock strip as in the picture above. The tube section is now finished - now time for the lid!

Take the 9.8cm cardstock circle and using the other scored and cut strip glue the tabs around as shown above.

This is what it should look like when you have finished glueing all the tabs around the circle.

If you turn it over it should look like the above photo. As with the base of the tube, glue the 9.8cm patterned paper circle on the top to cover the tabs and the final paper strip around the edge. You can now decorate the lid and gift tube with your choice of flowers, leaves, ribbons, etc.

I have decorated my tube with a mixture of roses, blossoms, punched flowers and leaves....

.....a gift tag to match the candle.....

.....and roses, blossoms and leaves on the lid.

Here is the finished gift tube and candle. These make lovely gifts for Valentines, Mother's Day and Birthdays. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I have inspired you to make one!
Jane x


  1. Great! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! It`s so wonderful.

    Have a nice day

  2. Fantastic ! How gorgeous it was; I sure would like to try it out myself :-)

  3. Hi Jane

    this is very inspiring and looks stunning, you have inspired me, hopefully one day I will get round to making one.


  4. Beautiful! TFS! This could make such a sweet gift. I luv it!


  5. Simply the best!!! :))
    I want to do it !

  6. I am defo going to try this, I think I have to have that mouse stamp hehe. Will pester hubby today. xx

  7. absolutely gorgeous thanks for showing us how to make it.
    Christine x

  8. It is just beautiful and I am sure you have inspired everyone to have atry for them selves,thanks for sharing.x

  9. This is stunning. Thank you for a fab tutorial.x

  10. Great tutorials (both the candle and the gift tube) you showed us, WOW! Gorgeous. Thanks for taking time to show us how to make them.

    Hugs Yolanda

  11. So beautiful Jane,i love your image and colours.
    So gorgeous flowers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  12. I found this to be the easiest and simplest tutorial to follow! Thank you, thank you from an artistically challenged crafter!


  13. what a great gift for making and for to get.

    marjan en ella

  14. What a beautiful container for the candle or any gift! You have decorated it wonderfully! I love your gorgeous flowers!! Thank you for the tutorial. I would love to try this......
    Hugs, Candy

  15. Beautiful! thanks for sharing ~ will have to have a go at one myself :) xx lizzy xx

  16. Great tutorial and a beautiful container.

  17. Oh is this beautiful!
    Thank you for the inspiration.


  18. This is such a beautiful presentation for your lovely candle. Nice work!
    Huggies ~
    Sharron ♥

  19. Thank you so much.. This is great
    love it.

  20. This is beautiful, Jane! I appreciate you showing us how to do this!!! Thank you :D
    Love and hugs ~ Lori

  21. OMG! That's so pretty!!!! I like the idea of stamping on candles, but I think they derserve a much better wrapping than cellofane bags. Thank you SO much!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this tut. Must try it myself. Hugs x


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