Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whiff of Joy Aperture Card by Jeanette

Hi Everyone! Today I want to show you how I make my aperture cards. I am sure there are many different tricks but this is what works the best for me!
You will need:
  • 2 colored images ( I used Willow with Christmas candle and Christmas Candle)
  • cardstock measuring 6”x12”
  • cardstock in contrasting color and designer paper
  • Nestabilities dies (you will need 3 dies that are 1 size in difference. I used the dies in my small & large long ovals set)
  • cutting machine (cuttlebug)
  • strong adhesive tape (I use score-pal)
  • fishing line or dental floss
  • removable scotch tape
  • liquid glue (Scotch Quick dry adhesive)
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 001
1. Score your cardstock at 6” and fold to create a 6”x6” card. You will need to cut a square of contrasting paper to 5 7/8” x 5 7/8 “ and a square of patterned paper to 5¾”x5¾”.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 002
2. Adhere all three layers together. Notice how I added my largest nestie die to the top of my paper to guide me as to where to put the tape.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 003
3. Take your largest sized die and center it to the front of your card. I used a ruler to ensure I was centered and then I added some removable tape to keep my die in place. Please make sure you have removable tape because regular tape will rip your paper.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 004
4. Run the card through your cutting machine with the card in this orientation. You may have to pass it through a second time to make sure that the die cuts through all layers of paper.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 005
5. This is how it will look. Take the ovals that you cut out to use in step #6. You will need the one in your original and contrasting cardstock – not the one made of patterned paper.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 006
6. Using a die one size smaller than the first one and using the cut out pieces from #5, cut them to a smaller sized oval. You will also need to cut an extra oval of this size from your contrasting cardstock.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 007
7. The ovals should sit inside your oval with a slight space all around.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 008
8. Adhere a piece of score-tape along the center of your oval cut-out of original cardstock. Place a length of fishing wire onto the tape making sure that you leave a little bit extra on either end. See the arrows. Adhere the contrasting oval pieces to each side of the original.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 009
9. Place your images on either side of the oval. I cut mine with another oval die one size smaller than the one I had used to create the cut-out.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 010
10. You need to create a frame for the front of the card. I wanted a very plain one and since I had used the largest of all my ovals, this is how I created mine. Place your oval die onto your cardstock and draw around the outside of it with a pencil. Use removable tape to keep the die in place and then run it through your cutting machine. Then cut along your pencil lines with scissors and you should have a thin border.WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 011
11. Place two pieces of Score-tape cut to size at the top and bottom of your frame. See the arrows. Place your image oval in the center of the frame and adhere the two ends of the fishing wire to the Score-tape. This tape is very strong so you can be sure the wires will stay put.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 012
12. Now add liquid adhesive to the rest of the frame. The reason I use the liquid at this step is that it is more forgiving when I position the frame to the card. Meaning if it isn’t exactly where I want it, I can move it a little bit.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 013
13. Center the frame onto the front of your card. The oval should hang freely and be able to rotate.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 014
I added some patterned paper to the inside of my card and decorated the front with some beautiful gemstone flourishes.
WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 015 WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 016 WOJ Aperature Card Tutorial - Page 017
I hope this was a useful tutorial for you and I hope you give this fun card a try!


  1. What a beautiful card! Thanks for this easy to follow tutorial.
    Scraphugs, Floortje

  2. wunderschöner workshop . vielen lieben dank, deine karte ist klasse geworden.
    liebe grüße

  3. Wow, what a beautiful card; not sure if I dare try it out... Maybe some day.. Lucky he or she who can receive this card !

  4. Fabulous Jeanette, thanks for showing us the method behind this beautiful card.

    Hugs Ali x

  5. A beautiful card - and a lovely tutorial.

  6. Bien le bonjour,

    Comme d'habitude, votre carte est magnifique. Merci de partager cette nouvelle façon de faire.

    Passez une très belle journée et Joyeux temps des Fêtes,

    Jo ;o)

  7. Wow Jeanette this is a great tutorial and your finished card is stunning! Will definitely be giving this a go! tfs, hugs, Jane xx

  8. This is just beautiful. I want to try one.

  9. This is beautiful and so clever! Thanks for showing all the steps.

  10. Fabulous tutorial and beautiful card. Love it.

  11. Such a sweet feminine card. Thanks Pamela

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