Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paper piecing

Good Morning ladies ,
hope you are all having a great weekend
My name is Dawn AKA (All pink girl) and its my turn today to share with you a tutorial on paper piecing
there is lots of different ways to do this technique but this is the way i do it ,
hope you will all like it xxx
to start with you will need
1)a rubber stamp
2) patterned papers
3)sharp pair of scissors
4) stazon ink pad
5) a glue pen or stick
6) chalk ink pads(for shading)
7) tweezers
First stamp your image on to a piece of card stock ,this will be your base image to which you will work from and layer your images up from

Next stamp your image on to the patterned paper that you would like to use on your finished card .
do use a stazon ink pad as the ink dries very fast so when cutting out the images later you do not get any smudges
you can use as many patterned papers as you like for this stage plus its a great way to use up all your scraps of paper you have ,

For the next stage i like to go back to the original image and colour the hands and face to give the image a more realistic look ,i do this by using copics or promarkers

Now on to the next bit ,
for this stage we need to cut out your patterned images which you have stamped
i always try and cut my bits out a bit like layers as when i cut them all out separate i tend to get little gaps ,
so i find this way works best for me ,
try and keep the main image as solid as you can and then layer ever thing on top ,making sure you cut away the areas were the hands and face will be ,
then i use a chalk in pad to shade the image plus any white edges left when cutting it out
so hopefully from the photo you can see how all my bits will fit togeather

and as you can see this is what your image will look like when you have layred them all up on top of your main image ,
this look gives a lovely affect to any image
so i hope you will all give it a try
thanks for looking
hugs Dawnxxxx


  1. wow thanks for sharing such a great technique but boy i sure would need my decoupage scissors and my glasses on for this project lol. but hey the results would be worth it. TFS

  2. Thanks Dawn! Great tutorial on paper piecing. Love the card!
    "Hugs" Granny

  3. This is such a cute card. And your tutorial is really useful, thanks!...on my way to my little scrappin' room!
    Scraphugs, Floortje

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, Dawn! Your card is a cutie...

  5. ial!!, creativo y educativo tutorial, bravo.

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