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Combining Coloring Mediums: Copic Markers & Prismacolor Pencils by Jeanette

Hi Everyone! This is Jeanette and I have created this tutorial for you after having received many questions on how I color. One technique which is very fun and easy to do is to combine mediums; using copic markers and prismacolor pencils together. The only rule is this: Always use your copic markers first and then add your prismacolor pencils. If you do the reverse you will ruin your copic markers and they are just to costly to have to replace!
Material Used:
  • Neenah Ultra Smooth paper
  • Memento Tuxedo Black Ink
  • Whiff of Joy Norma Fickel image: Wee with Christmas tree
  • Copic Markers: B000, E000, E00, E02, E50, R12, G20, Y11
  • Gamsol – an odorless artist grade mineral spirit
  • Blending Stumps
  • Prismacolor pencils: PC907, PC908, PC945, PC946, PC944, PC1027, PC924, PC917
  • Pencil sharpener
  • My Gamsol dispenser has a fabric covered top that gets saturated with the Gamsol. I press the tip of my blending stump to it and the gamsol moves up onto the tip. If you can’t find a dispenser like this, saturate some cotton balls and put them in a small glass bowl. Gamsol is a “trade-name” It is an odorless artist grade mineral spirit. Always use Artist grade and remember to use it in a well-ventilated room.
  • I keep a whole bunch of blending stumps on hand so that I have one for every color family. When you change colors you must also change blending stumps or your colors will mix. Another option would be to gently sand the existing color off the stump until it is clean and then use the next color. You can use sand paper or even an emery board. Remember to sand it to a sharp point.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 004
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 003
Let’s get started!
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 001
1. Stamp your image onto cardstock. I use Memento ink because it works beautifully with both Copics and Prismacolor pencils.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 002
2. Color image with Copic Markers. I used E000, E00, E02 on the face, E50 on the hair & shoes, B000 on the shirt, R12 on the hat, stockings and balls in the tree, G20 on the tree, Y11 on the star. As you can see, I used very light colors and I colored all sections evenly.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 005
3. Now it is time to add all the shading to the image using the prismacolor pencils. Make sure your pencils are sharp. With PC907 (Peacock green) draw a thin line around the edges of the image as shown.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 006
4. With a blending stump whose tip has been saturated with Gamsol, gently blend the color. Start at the top edge and using circular motions work outwards. You will see the color “dissolve” as you do so giving you a nice graduated shading. If you hear a “squeaking” noise as you blend you need more gamsol on the stump.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 007
5. To deepen the shading a little more, I have repeated this process using PC908 ( Dark Green).
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 008
6. Use PC945 (Sienna Brown) to draw your lines in the shoes and at the hair-line.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 009
7. Use your blending stump to disperse the color and try to leave a small portion with little or no extra color. This gives you your high-lights.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 010
8. To darken this shading use PC946 ( Dark Brown)
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 011
9. For the trunk of the tree, use PC944 (Terra Cotta)
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 012
10. This is what the shading should look like when you are done.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 013
11. I wanted to see a little more shading so I went back and added a little PC946 (Dark Brown) to the trunk.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 014
12. Moving on to the shirt, use PC1027 (Peacock Blue). Do you see that I never trace the whole outline? I only put my lines where the shadows will be.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 015
13. Here is what the shirt will look like after blending with gamsol. Almost done…….
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 016
14. Use PC924 (Crimson Red) to outline the hat, stockings, ribbon on the tree and the little decorations on the tree.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 017
15. Here it is blended. Be careful when doing the tree ornaments that you don’t smear the red out of the lines.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 018
16. I wanted to add a little color at the base of the image to anchor it. Without this, the image looks a little like it is floating! I used PC1027 (Peacock Blue). The I outlined all around the image with PC917 (Sunburst Yellow) to give the impression that the tree is glowing. This will make the image “pop” off the page.
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 019

17. Here it is all done! Now it is ready to be added to a card……..
WOJ Copic Prisma Tutorial - Page 020
18. Here is the image on my finished card! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and maybe found it helpful!
Hugs Jeanette


  1. Fantastic tutorial Jeanette. Very easy to follow. Thanks for taking the time to share.
    Kylie xo

  2. Thanks for the tutorial....
    beautiful card!!

  3. Wow ......
    You are amazing good at coloring.
    So beautiful colors, and very nice subject.

    HegeT, Norway

  4. love the tutorial,
    great work.
    Lovely card,
    thnaks so much.
    Hugs Simone

  5. Wow! I didn't know you could do that with these pencils, thank you so much for a great tutorial! Just loving this new site! hugs, Jane xx

  6. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.
    I didn't know you could blend Copics and watercolourpencils all together, must try that once.
    Thanks again!
    Hugs, Yolanda

  7. Great tutorial I found it very easy to follow. I've seen a few people use this technique and I love the effect hence these pencils are now on my Christmas list. I hope Santa will be kind to me and then I will definately be popping back for a recap. Thank you very much for taking the time and your work is just beautiful. Take care Ann-Marie xxx

  8. Thanks for a great tutorial! Never thought to use Prismas over Copics before! Will definitely give it a go.

  9. Das sind ja tolle Vorgaben.Bin begeistert.

    Herzlichen Dank.

    GLG Moni

  10. Wow What a great Idea and an amazing Tutorial.
    Thank you very much.
    Hugs Jolanda

  11. this is so beautiful!! thank you for the tutorial!!

  12. great tutorial,I did not know that you could combine copics and prisma, I guess I better get my prisma out and introduce them to my copics, will certainly give it a try, thanks for the tutorial,love your website, a fellow canadian

  13. This tutorial is wonderful....excellents photos and explanations!!!


  14. Very helpfull tutorial! Though I think of myself, that I am quite skilled in colouring, I found several things to improve my technique!

  15. A fantastic and detailed tutorial Jeanette! Thank so much for sharing. Love your colouring.
    Katharina xx

  16. Thank You Thank you Thank you! I can now combine my copics and prismas! Makes having both more justifiable in my mind :)

  17. Wow! This is a wonderful tutorial!! Thank you so much!

  18. ooo absolutly fab i just brought some prisma's yesterday too! lol xxx

  19. Fabulous tutorial, Jeanette and beautiful card! I love these images - they are divine! Warm wishes, Lesley

  20. AMAZING tutorial...THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial. I am definately going to give this ago. :D

  22. Fantastic tutorial. Thanks so much for going into great detail on it. I have learnt lots.

  23. wow...very nice art...i love it...really nice.....thanks for the information on how to make that one..

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  24. One technique which is very fun and easy to do is to combine mediums; using copic markers and prismacolor pencils together. The only rule is ...


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