Monday, November 16, 2009

Beaded Whipped Back Stitch Swirls By Kim Dellow

Hey guys, I thought for my tutorial that I would show you some hand-stitching on cards. But I wanted to do something a little different for decorating your papercrafting projects so I've used a whipped back stitch and added beads to give it that extra bling. The stamp I've used in this project is the Whiff Of Joy Santa Reading List stamp.

If you look closely at the swirl you will be able to see this blinged-up stitch! It is very easy to do and will add that personal touch to your makes!


You will need:
A piercing tool
Needle (thin enough to take beads but thick enough to take your thread)
The object to be decorated!
Some sticky tape would be handy too

Step One -

If I'm doing some hand sewing on card or paper, I always prick out the stitch pattern with my piercing tool beforehand - if you try doing it with your needle you might end up with sore fingers!

Step Two -

Stick the end of your thread onto the back of the card and bring the thread through the first hole to the front of the card.

Step Three -

Work a back stitch or a close running stitch, whichever you prefer, along the pattern you have already pricked out in Step One.

Step Four -

When you have reached the end, bring the thread back through the last hole to the front of the work and pass the needle under the nearest stitch. Pull gently tight.

Step Five -

Pick up a bead with your needle and push it to the end of the thread, near the project.

Step Six -

Now thread the needle under the next stitch along and again pull gently tight. You can move where the bead lies by loosening or tightening the thread.

Step Seven -

Keep wrapping the thread around the stitching in this manner and adding beads as you go along. Remember that you don't have to add beads and you can space the beads out how you like. Also experiment with different numbers of beads to alter the look.

Step Eight -

Keep working this beaded whip stitch until you reach the end and take the thread through the last hole to the back of the work and stick the end down.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have fun with this stitch.


  1. Wow, even I can do that ! I do not have a sewing machine, so thought this was nothing for me, but this looks fun ! I'll hv a go.

    Thanks for showing. (Can'twait to get home fm work to try now..)


  2. Wow, thats nice, Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing a fun technique!
    Will give this a try soon...

  4. Wow great technique. Must try that. Thanks for showing. Kathleen x

  5. Hi Kim,Find this really good,thanks for sharing.x

  6. Great idea! TFS! I will have to try this on my cards.


  7. lovely, this is really a great idea, thanks so much for the tutorial!

  8. What a beautiful card! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
    Scraphugs, Floortje

  9. Hi Kim. You left a comment today on my blog and I came to your blog to say thank you. Thank you. I am so glad I did because Wow, what a beautiful card and tutorial. I learned something new. Thank you for that. I am now a follower. I just love how you colored Santa in blue. He looks wonderful. wow. Nice to meet you.

  10. The stitching is lovely, Kim, and I am tempted to have a go after seeing your easy to follow tutorial but I also wanted to say how much I love the card as a whole and I think Santa is coloured beautifully! Warm wishes, Lesley

  11. Thanks Kim! I'm not much into sewing anymore but this is really not sewing and more embellishing. I think you could probably add small charms as well as the beads. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    "Hugs" Granny

  12. Thanks for watching my blog!
    I love yours so much and come here pretty often!

  13. Wow, amazing what one can do by hand. Thanks for the tut Kim. Sharon

  14. This is a great tutorial...thank you for visiting my blog...

  15. this is so beautiful!! such a simple but effective technique! thanks for the awesome tutorial!!

  16. Wow amazing colouring on your card it's fab !Thanks ofr great tutorial
    hugs judex

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