Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holiday Banner by Michaela

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a fabulous week. It's me - Michaela - the Guest Designer.
I am going to show you today how to make a lovely Holiday Banner.

Making a banner involves many different steps, so, please, bear with me.

You will need:
* Letters (spelling anything you wish - I chose MERRY CHRISTMAS)
- VersaMark, Embossing Powder & Heat tool
* Cardstock
* Designer paper
* Circle dies or punches
* Crepe paper strips
* Needle & thread
* Hole punch
* Ribbon
* Glue tape
* Colored Whiff of Joy Images & other embellishments (flowers, bows, etc. ...)

We will need to get from our basic supplies to the "almost done" supplies.

1. First I prepared my letters - I used plain cardboard chip letters and I embossed them with golden embossing powder.

2. My next step was to prepare the base for the letters. I die cut scalloped circles from my cardstock - 14 pieces - because there are 14 letters in "Merry Christmas" and basic circles from the designer paper.

3. I attached the designer paper circles to the cardstock scalloped circles.

4. Next I attached my embossed Letters -paying attention to the direction of my design. Just so it matches when it hangs :)

Here they are. All ready to be attached ...

... to the crepe paper.
5. To prepare the crape paper - I took the crepe paper strips and gather them together using needle and thread.

6. In the end forming a little fan. When you make those, make sure to tie a knot, so it doesn't brake.

7. Glue the ends together forming a little circle. That will be our crepe base.

8. Next I attached the Cardstock with the Letter to the Crepe Paper Fan Circle.

9. Then it was time to make the base for the Crepe Paper Fan Circle. I cut triangles from the green cardstock and 1/2 inch smaller triangle from the designer paper. I attached them together.

10. Next I attached the Letter base and the images to my triangles.

11. Time to hang those triangles on our ribbon. I hole punched a hole for the ribbon and ...

... slide the triangles (in the right order) on the ribbon.

You can embellish the final banner with flowers, bows, etc.
and voila! You're done! (you can click the pictures for a better view.)


To see the detailed pictures of the Whiff of Joy stamps I used, you can visit my blog at CardHeaven later today.

And, of course, this banner is very versatile - you can make any kind you wish - Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Birthday, New Baby - Baby Shower, Wedding ...




  1. Wow, great job you made. Its beautiful.
    Hugs Astrid

  2. Christmas is coming! It's very beautiful!

  3. Beautifull my dear ! Thank you for this idée!!! Kiss. Nadine

  4. HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!.... que bello, está maravilloso, creo que me haré el tiempo para hacer uno, cariños desde chile.

  5. Wow, this is so beautiful! Let Christmas be coming, the most wonderful time of the year!

  6. oh wow Michaela thats so fantastic
    love Debbie xxx

  7. wonderful!!i really enjoy it and believe it will be decorating the classrooin at the school i work ....really, loved!

  8. This is lovely, thank you!

  9. wow what a great banner hun
    and so much work, but gorgeous
    thanks for the tutorial
    hugs angelique

  10. OMG!!!! This is fantastic Michaela! I so love this and it looks divine.
    Great tutorial!!
    Katharina xx

  11. How this idea....thank you so much....I will have to try this....

  12. Una maravilla Micaela, precioso trabajo y tutorial, enhorabuena

  13. Thank you for all the sweet comments! I hope I encouraged you to make many many banners :)
    Enjoy your day!


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